5 top ideas to make it  a walk in the park.

Open new doors

When you choose a Tingdene residential park home as your new home you open more than just a new front door. You open doors to a new way of living. There’s a real sense of community in a Tingdene residential park. You’ll make new friends and meet new neighbours. And you’ll meet the Tingdene staff who are there to help you with everything from moving in to day to day maintenance. Their door is always open.  

Thinking about downsizing Two couples dinner party at Tingdene residential park home

Do more – not more DIY

Even if you’ve been keen on DIY there comes a time when you want to do less of it. And downsizing, moving on and starting afresh is that time. Do you really want renovating and repairing to be part of your life when you’ve decided that you want to be rebooting your life? A Tingdene residential park home is quality built, and fully maintained. It comes with a ten year warranty.  It’s somewhere to live and enjoy life. It’s where you build a future without working on the building.

From start to furnish

If you’re making a big change why not go all the way?  We’ve never been more aware of the need to declutter, start afresh, move on. With a Tingdene residential park home you can choose to move in to a complete home. A dream home. With everything done for you, and the place fully furnished and equipped, you’ll be starting a new life with the minimum of hassle. Start as you mean to go on.

Thinking about downsizing Tingdene residential park home Sofia

Make sure equity release really releases you

Releasing equity in your home can be a sound financial move. But what you really want is a move that improves your life. By moving to a Tingdene residential park you can use your equity to buy a quality built home, with a ten year warranty and low maintenance costs. As you start to think about doing less work, your equity will start to work hard. Release yourself into a lifestyle that feels like a holiday every day. From Bedfordshire to Berkshire, from Cambridgeshire to Cheshire, Tingdene have 28 parks across the uk. Take a look. Realise your assets. Release yourself.

Stop worrying. Start coasting

A seaside home is the dream ticket for many people. And it’s the grand plan for many of us in later life. The problem is that with rising costs the idea can appear to be less feasible. And the future becomes more worrying. Stop worrying and start coasting. Take it easy. There are Tingdene residential park homes in coastal locations. Check them out. If you really do want that holiday lifestyle all day every day this is for you. And it’s a very affordable way of buying that home by the sea. There are rural locations too. Stop worrying and start Twitching. Or angling. Or cycling…

Thinking about downsizing Couple at the beach in Clacton-on-Sea