Frequently asked questions

As with any life-changing decision, it’s only natural that you have a lot of questions. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Can I reserve a home or plot?

Yes, you can place a reservation, which will hold the home or plot in your name for an agreed period of time while you try to sell your current property. If you haven’t sold within this time the reservation is reviewed and may be extended.

Are searches required?

No, searches are not a legal requirement in the purchase procedure of a park home.

Do you have park rules?

Yes, park rules vary from park to park. They are intended for the quiet enjoyment of the park for all residents and to ensure that the highest standards of care and maintenance are kept.

What rights and protection do I have?

Whether you buy a new or a previously-occupied home on our residential park, you will have full security Whether you buy a new or previously occupied home on our residential park, you will have full security of tenure with an agreement under the Mobile Homes Act 1983. Please visit: for more details.

Do I pay council tax?

Yes, council tax is payable to the local authority. Please check with them regarding banding.

What utilities are provided?

Electricity and gas are metered to each home on the park and will be connected ready for the completion date. Connections are made to water and sewerage and billed accordingly. Some parks have a direct supply from the main water company for the area. Others have what is know as a ‘landlord supply’ and it is the park’s responsibility to bill for services used, which is normally done every six months. Cabling for telephone is provided and in some cases cable TV or internet services are also available. For more information on a specific park and the type of services available, please contact our head office.

Do I pay pitch fee?

Yes, any pitch fee is exclusive of water and sewerage charges and is payable on the first of each month by Direct Debit.

Do I need to insure my park home?

Yes, it is your responsibility to ensure that your homes is insured from the day of completion onwards. We can advise you of specialist companies to arrange this.

Is stamp duty payable?

No, you are not required to pay stamp duty when purchasing a park home.