Best Things to Do in Lincolnshire: Why Retire to This Stunning County

Selecting the ideal retirement location at a park home site hinges greatly on its location. We believe that the county of Lincolnshire stands out as an excellent choice, offering not just a tranquil retreat but also vibrant towns to enrich your next chapter. Explore park home options in Scunthorpe and Woodhall Spa, and delve into the diverse offerings of nearby cities in Lincolnshire to determine if this is the perfect retirement haven for you.

Lincolnshire, a county steeped in history and natural beauty, boasts a collection of vibrant cities that offer an eclectic mix of heritage, culture, and modern amenities. From the iconic cathedral city of Lincoln to the bustling market town of Boston, each urban centre in Lincolnshire has its own unique character and attractions, making it a captivating destination for visitors and residents alike.  

5 Places to Visit in Lincolnshire 

There are so many stunning places to visit in Lincolnshire, from castles and ancient buildings to picturesque outdoor spaces, such as the Lincolnshire Wolds. Here are five of the best places to visit in this county.

1. Lincoln – Where History meets Modern Living

At the heart of Lincolnshire lies the ancient city of Lincoln, a place where history comes alive with a backdrop of stunning architecture and scenic landscapes. Dominating the skyline is the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral, a piece of Gothic architecture that has stood for over nine centuries, offering visitors a glimpse into the county’s rich heritage.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the Bailgate area, visitors are transported back in time, with historic buildings housing quaint shops, cafés and galleries. The historic Lincoln Castle, with its well-preserved walls and Victorian prison, provides further clues to the city’s past.

Yet, Lincoln does not live in the past as it pulsates modern energy. The University of Lincoln injects a youthful energy into the city, while contemporary eateries, bars and cultural venues cater to diverse tastes. The Brayford Waterfront (the oldest inland harbour in England), with its array of restaurants and entertainment options, offers a scenic spot to unwind by the waterside.

2. Woodhall Spa – A Tranquil Retreat 

Nestled in the heart of Lincolnshire, Woodhall Spa is renowned for its serene ambiance and elegant charm, making it a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. This picturesque village offers a unique blend of history and leisure activities.

Visitors can take a dip at the Jubilee Park outdoor swimming pool or explore the lush, expansive grounds of the Woodhall Spa Golf Club, known for its world-class courses. The Kinema in the Woods presents a nostalgic cinema experience with its backlit screens and vintage decor. Additionally, the village’s quaint streets are lined with delightful boutiques and traditional tea rooms, where you can savour the local flavours whilst enjoying the relaxing pace of rural England.

3. Boston – Where Past Meets Present

Situated on the banks of the River Witham, Boston is a dynamic market town with a proud maritime heritage and a thriving modern community. Its historic St. Botolph’s Church, known as the “Boston Stump“, towers over the town and serves as a striking symbol of its mediaeval roots.

Boston’s market operates twice a week throughout the year and is one of the largest in the region, attracting visitors with its diverse array of stalls selling everything from fresh produce to artisan crafts. The town’s proximity to the Lincolnshire coast makes it a gateway to the scenic beauty of the Wash and the nearby nature reserves.

4. Brigg – A Market Town with Heritage

Brigg, a charming market town in North Lincolnshire only 20 minutes from Scunthorpe, offers a delightful mix of tradition and community spirit. Known for its vibrant market held twice a week, the town draws locals and visitors alike to its colourful stalls offering everything from fresh produce to artisan crafts.

The town’s historical significance is highlighted by the Brigg Heritage Centre, which showcases artefacts and stories from its rich past. For outdoor enthusiasts, the River Ancholme provides a scenic backdrop for leisurely walks and boating, enhancing Brigg’s tranquil rural appeal. The town is also celebrated for its bustling independent shops and cosy cafés, where you can enjoy a warm welcome and some locally sourced treats. Brigg’s blend of historical charm and lively market culture makes it a quintessential stop in North Lincolnshire.

5. Louth – A Hidden Gem

Tucked away in the Lincolnshire Wolds, well known for being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is the charming market town of Louth. Renowned for its picturesque streets lined with Georgian and Victorian buildings, Louth gives off an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

The town’s busy market, held in the spacious Market Place, is a hive of activity where visitors can browse stalls selling fresh produce, local crafts, and antiques. Louth’s thriving arts scene is showcased in its galleries, theatres, and music venues, offering cultural experiences nestled in the tranquil beauty of the surrounding countryside.

4 Reasons to Retire in Lincolnshire

Now that you know where to visit, you may have a better understanding of why retiring to Lincolnshire is a good idea. That said, here are a few more reasons why it’s a great place to retire to. 

1. Lower House Prices 

On average, housing prices are lower in Lincolnshire than the rest of the UK. For example, at our Tingdene residential parks in Lincolnshire, our park homes range from £145,950 to £199,950. Compared to other nearby counties, such as Yorkshire, where properties start around the £300,000 mark, it’s much more affordable. 

2. Full of Culture

Throughout Lincolnshire, there are numerous Victorian and Elizabethan manor houses, castles, museums and gardens. This makes it ideal for all the family. Whether you’re a retired couple keen on visiting Doddington Hall or you’re hosting your grandchildren with a trip to Jubilee Park, there’s so much to do in Lincolnshire.  

3. Loads of Outdoor Spaces 

If you love to walk and explore the great outdoors, retiring to Lincolnshire is a terrific decision. There is so much variety, from beautiful parks for a gentle stroll to the unspoiled countryside of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The Wolds consist of over 216 square miles of incredible hidden valleys and verdant rolling hills, perfect for any active adults, heritage enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. It’s also close to various market towns, such as Woodhall Spa, Louth and Brigg. 

Many towns and cities in Lincolnshire offer direct and fast train services to London. Additionally, the north and west are within convenient range because of the motorway network. 

Park Home Living in Lincolnshire

The county of Lincolnshire really does provide something for everyone with its vast choice of attractions, scenic walks and local culture. Here at Tingdene Parks we have residential homes based at Ashfield Park and Kirkstead Bridge Park, why not book a visit to browse our available homes and scope out the area – we know you’ll love it.

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