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    About the park

    Welcome to Sandpiper Gardens, a brand-new residential park that promises a coastal retreat like no other. Nestled in the charming town of Clacton, this idyllic haven seamlessly merges timeless traditions with modern comforts, offering endless possibilities for a life that is truly extraordinary. In the summer, Clacton comes alive with a vibrant atmosphere, hosting a myriad of events, festivals, and fairs. As winter settles in, this welcoming community envelops its residents with an abundance of activities and pastimes, fostering a strong sense of togetherness.


    “Moving back to the UK we didn’t have any appliances or furniture, but Tingdene Parks offered us everything we needed. We had nothing to worry about and it took a lot of the stress away for both of us.”

    Mr and Mrs Mills

    “We wish we had done it years ago. It’s a completely different way of life and one that we love.”

    Mr and Mrs England

    “Within weeks we had settled in, made friends, been to the pub for the quiz night and popped into several neighbours for a cuppa.”

    Mr and Mrs Hiscock

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