Explore the benefits of moving to a residential park

These days, many people who have taken retirement or have semi-retired, have decided that they would benefit from park home living. By joining a community of like-minded people, all over the age of 45, a residential park has offered them a safe and secure environment, amongst those who want a new lifestyle but who also wish to experience the benefits of village life.

The homes they have purchased are affordable, maintainable and much like any new build house, they are customisable. This means they themselves have taken an active role in the design and specification of their brand-new park home to get it just the way they like it – right down to the fixtures and fittings!

In these unprecedented times some people, particularly the elderly or the vulnerable, may feel uneasy or alone. Under these circumstances the many benefits of living in a park home have never been more prevalent. In this blog, we want to explore these benefits and give you a better understanding of why you may want to consider moving to a new community within a residential park.

Financial Security

As the current situation in the UK evolves there is becoming an ever-greater strain on finances leaving many people unsure and concerned about their financial future. If you’re currently looking for a new home and this is one of your worries, then you’ll be pleased to know a park home may be much more affordable than a ‘bricks and mortar’ alternative.

Downsizing to a park home may also provide you with financial security in your later years. As many of our residents have found when buying a park home, you can take the opportunity to release equity from your current property, safe in the knowledge you are moving to a brand-new home. Usually this will provide more financial security and certainty than if you stayed in your current home.

Great Locations

hazelgrove residential park

Location is always a key factor when choosing the right residential park for your home. We have numerous places to consider as we offer a vast variety of locations throughout the UK. From Cambridge to Cleveland and Bedford to Berkshire, there are residential park developments for all types of lifestyle. You could be set up by the beach, taking morning strolls along the seafront and benefiting from the atmosphere of a coastal town. Or you could choose a more rural backdrop, spending your days enjoying the peace, serenity and stunning landscapes. Whether you want to be close to friends and family or have always dreamt of living by the sea, the flexibility of our locations makes choosing a home a far more appealing prospect.


Mobility may also become a concern in the future so minimising the risk of accidents and increasing accessibility is wise when planning for your long-term home. Park homes offer a much safer lifestyle with single-story living as standard. Knowing that you will be safe in your home for the future is peace of mind for everyone.

Home Size And Maintenance

residence park home

Another great benefit is the sizing of a park home, sometimes the burdens of maintaining your current home can be a troublesome task, but with a more compact home you can utilise the space you need whilst remaining independent and staying on top of your cleaning and maintenance. Most importantly it gives you more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

Outdoor Space

residential park home

We all know that time outside is good for our health and well-being. But again you may not wish to be burdened with a huge garden, trees and lawns to cut. Every park home comes with outside space and you get to choose how you wish to use it. We can help you plan your new garden with easy step free access, and even offer options such as patios, artificial grass, garages and extended driveways to make your home as practical and low maintenance as possible.


marina view residential park

Living in a small community of like-minded individuals provides many with a feeling of safety and security. As the homes are occupied by +45’s, you will be surrounded by other residents who are just like you. As new residents come on to the park the community spirit grows, with residents often knowing each other. They also tend to look out for one another, adding to the friendly and secure village vibe of the park.

On many of our parks there are residents’ associations and they will in most cases organise social events and outings. These activities bring neighbours together and provide a great way of simply catching up with people on a regular basis.

Whilst it’s not a warden managed community, we do often have park managers who keep an eye on the park and residents, making sure all is safe and well on a daily basis.

Community is something that’s always placed in high regard on a Tingdene Park. In the current climate, neighbourhood spirit, friendship and co-operation have never been more important. People make our community and our community keeps our residents strong, healthy and most importantly, happy.

If you would like to discuss owning your very own park home or have any questions then please get in touch. We would love to talk to you more and find out your favourite location, hobby or pastimes. We are very proud of our parks and the communities that develop on them. When the time is right we would love to invite you to come and visit a park to see for yourself.