The Majestic

Majestic: beautiful, dignified and impressive – are words we can certainly use to describe this home both inside and out. An exciting split roof, vaulted ceilings and cathedral styled windows maximise light in and offer a vista to the world outside. Inside you’ll find everything you need plus more. Designed with a complete flow-through layout, separate utility and study, plus two bedrooms and two bathrooms, there’s no compromise on space, design or functionality.

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms

Available Parks & Prices

Sacketts Grove Park

  • From 209,950
  • 1 plot available

Sandpiper Gardens

  • From 239,500
  • 24 plots available

Mount Pleasant Park

  • From 254,750
  • 1 plot available

Hazelgrove Park

  • From 187,450
  • 6 plots available

Kirkstead Bridge Park

  • From 215,950
  • 1 plot available

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The Majestic

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