Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about purchasing a Residential Park Home

How long does the reservation last for?

We hold the reservation for an agreed period of time in which we ask you to try and sell your property. If you haven’t sold within that time the reservation will be reviewed and may be extended if necessary.

If the reservation is extended do I have to put more monies down?

No, as long as we feel the reservation is heading in the right direction we will hold the plot.

Do I need a solicitor to purchase a park home?

No, the only documentation we require from your solicitor is confirmation of exchange of contracts on your current property.

When purchasing a park home do searches need to be done?

No, searches only need to be done on the sale of your current property.

Do I have to pay stamp duty when purchasing a park home?

It is not a requirement to pay stamp duty when purchasing a park home.

Is a phone point included within my park home?

We recommend that approximately 2 weeks before your completion date, you contact the service provider for your area, explain the situation and then they will come out on the completion date or shortly after, to install the phone point. The infrastructure is already underneath the home and provided by ourselves.

Are there any park rules?

Yes, and park rules vary from park to park and should be studied before purchase. They are intended for the quiet enjoyment of the park for all residents and to ensure that the highest standards of care and maintenance are kept. The issues in the park rules are therefore in the best interest of all residents in maintaining their chosen environment.

Why is there a written agreement?

Whether you buy a new or a previously-occupied home, you will have an agreement under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (Amended 2013). The agreement contains certain information which clearly defines residents’ rights. Part III contains the Implied Terms, which provide the residents; basic protection, including security of tenure and the resident’s right to sell ‘on site’ to a third party.

Is council tax payable on a park home?

Council tax is payable to the local authority. Park homes usually come under band A, however, it is best to check with the relevant authority because this may vary.

How do I get the electricity and gas connected?

We take care of all that. Both the Electricity and Gas are metered to each home on the park and will be connected ready for the completion date.

The electricity and gas supplier

On parks where mains gas is supplied this is metered directly to each home, so each customer is entitled to change to the supplier of their choice. On parks with LPG gas this may be individually metered from bulk tanks or individual tanks are provided. Electricity supply varies from park to park with some being metered at the individual properties and others being metered at one central point. Feel free to check with us first.

What does the Ground Rent/Pitch Fee cover?

Your ground rent/pitch fee covers the cost of general day to day running and maintenance including road repairs, street sweeping, landscape maintenance, litter picking and the street lights. It is however exclusive of water and sewerage charges and is payable on the first of each month by direct debit.

Who should I talk to about insurance?

Firstly, it is your responsibility to ensure that your home is insured from the day of completion onwards but don’t be worried, we will advise on this in due course. There are a number of specialist park home insurers, some of which are detailed on our links page for your assistance.

Is it ok to have sky/satellite television in my park home?

Yes, sky/satellite television on the parks is not a problem. We do request that if possible the dish is put to the rear of the home or out of sight of the park roads.