Residential Customer Feedback

See what some of our residents think to Park Home Living and the service Tingdene Parks provide:

Mr & Mrs Wyborn, Pavenham Park
Bob & Lynn Garrett, Fenland Village
Richard & Linda Brewer, Marina View
Tingdene Parks Customer Feedback

Questionnaire results

We surveyed Park Home residents in asking what they thought to their new life, why they moved and what advice could they offer others. Our results are based on the 81 responses we received back.

Park home living - Feedback

When asked about why they chose to live on a residential park over 50% said their decision was based on location.

With regard to what aspects of Park Home living appealed to our residents the most, 25% said it was the feeling of security, 24% said the financial benefits and 24% said it was the friendly community, unique to these parks.

We had to ask were they entirely happy with their decision or whether they would consider moving back. A massive 70% said no they wouldn’t and just 19% said yes (11% didn’t know).

Probing a little deeper we asked why not?  40% said they loved the lifestyle and the community, 25% said the low maintenance of the homes appealed to them most.

We asked for some general advice that could be given to prospective buyers and the majority suggested visiting the parks to get a feel for them and to check out the local area. Visiting Tingdene’s Homemaker Centre was also high up the list along with visiting exhibitions.

When asked whether they felt Tingdene met their expectations, nearly 90% said their expectations were either met or exceeded!

Here are some of the comments recorded on the questionnaires:

  1. "Do your homework on the area, especially if moving from an urban to a rural location"
  2. "Look at a variety of parks and home styles"
  3. "Ask if changes can be made to specifications"
  4. "Visit your chosen park many times before committing, at various times of the day"
  5. "Enquire about tariffs, i.e. water rates, pitch fee and other services"
  6. "Check out the amenities, transport, doctors, etc"
  7. "Speak to existing residents before making a decision"
  8. "Take photographs while visiting the park"
  9. "Park homes are as comfortable as brick and mortar, cheap and mortgage free"
  10. "There's a great community spirit with people who look after each other in a safe place to live"
  11. "Be prepared to downsize and for a change in lifestyle"
  12. "Thoroughly recommend the lifestyle - you will not want to return to the 'rat race'"